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[ 2008-02-13 05:13 PM ] Cheryl (
Hey Marty, the website is totally cool! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in MS, DR, FC, FB that I over look elsewhere. You know how I feel about you and your music and I'm just happy that I was given the chance to listen to it first on MS. Your CD is definitely one of my favorites!!!

Hugs my friend,
[ 2008-02-10 11:31 PM ] Classy (
Hi Marty, Just wanted to let you know how much I truely love your music, Your a wonderful singer and person, I wish you all the love and luck in this world. You have always been my favorite and you know you always will be.

See you on MySpace and DR
God Bless
Keep those awesome songs coming I love them all.
[ 2008-02-10 10:41 PM ] Brenn 
I heard you music on digital rodeo and enjoyed it very much. Out of the Blue is a beautiful song!!!! Best wishes and glad I found your site.
Take Care and Keep up the good work
[ 2008-02-06 12:30 PM ] Tonymo (
Hi Marty, love your CD and so pleased that it's doing so well,you deserve it! Good Luck, Tonymo
[ 2008-02-01 09:58 PM ] Kjell Horlin (, from Sweden 
Hello Mr. Rivers! May I introduce myself, I am Kjell Horlin, one of the DJ's & Music Director at a country Music show on Swedish radio called Pop-A-Top Country on MCWC Country Radio. Since 1982 we have been on air. This is the oldest country show in Sweden still active. I´m also at a radio-show called FeelGood Radio and there I play Country, Rockabilly, Swamp Pop, Tex-Mex, Cajun, Blues and Rock´n Roll. We are trying to do our best to give traditional country music and artists as much exposure as possible, especially independent artists and labels. We are also take music-requests from our listeners and the show is very popular around here. Is it possible to get a promotional copy of your new CD Out Of The Blue for possible airplay and share your music with my listeners at my radio show? The soundclips are really very great, I'm sitting here listening while I'm writing this letter. Looking forward to hear from you soon! Thanks in advance. Sincerely/
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