Midnight Sky - Album Glossary

Abraham The forefather of many tribes; mentioned in God sent Angel

Accordion (instrument) Musical instrument featured on the title track and Louisiana Girl

Addict for your Love (Song # 2) A contemporary country ballad about an addict, not for smoke or alcohol but for the love of a woman

Antarctica Earth’s southernmost continent, covered mostly with ice; mentioned in Forever Yours

Babylon A reference to Hollywood in Run Angel Run

Baton Rouge Capital of the state of Louisiana; mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Big City A reference to L.A. in Run Angel Run

Bonnie Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, an American outlaw, partner in crime of Clyde Barrow; mentioned in Lora Mae

Born on the Bayou A swamp rock song by Creedence Clearwater Revival; mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Bosom The seat of one’s inner feelings; mentioned in The Power of Prayer

Brian Baker (Harmony Voice) Featured on Addict for your Love

Cajun land Reference to the U.S. state of Louisiana in Louisiana Girl

Clyde Clyde Chestnut Barrow, an American outlaw, partner in crime of Bonnie Parker, mentioned in Lora Mae

Colt Python A .357 Magnum calibre revolver mentioned in Lora Mae

Comforter A reference to the Holy Ghost in The Power of Prayer

Cottonfields A song mentioned in Louisiana Girl, written by Lead Belly, recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Country line A reference to line dancing in Louisiana Girl

Crawfish pie A popular Cajun dish mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Daisy Duke pants Short denim shorts as the one worn by Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) in the Dukes of Hazzard; mentioned in Lora Mae

Daniel Talma (production) Responsible for the mastering of the album

Danny Parks (musician) Danny plays guitar, fiddle and mandolin on the album; among the artists he played and recorded with are George Jones, Toby Keith and Brooks and Dunn

Darryl O’ Donnell (Harmony Voice) Featured on The Power of Prayer

David Vella (production) Music producer and musician, owner of Temple Studios, responsible for the mixing of the album

Dbmasters (production) Responsible for the design and manufacturing of the album

Delectable Delicious; mentioned in Lora Mae

Dirk Johnson (musician) Plays Piano & Keyboards on the album; Dirk played and recorded with, among others, Alan Jackson, Gene Watson and Keith Whitley

Dobro (instrument) Musical instrument; a Resonator Guitar featured on the album

Dow Tomlin (musician) Bass player on track 7; Dow performed and recorded with artists such as Brooks & Dunn, Sugarland and Levon Helm & Garth Hudson of the Band   

Fais-do-do A popular Cajun dance party mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Fiddle (instrument) A violin

Forever Yours The album’s closing track; an acoustic song about love eternal

Gary Carter (musician/producer) Album Producer and owner of GC Music studios in Nashville, Tennessee; he plays the Steel Guitar, the Dobro and the Lap Steel on the album; Gary, a regular on the Grand Ole Opry, worked as musical director for Faith Hill and he played and recorded, among other artists, with Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney and Glen Campbell

Gary Smith (musician) Plays Piano and Keyboards on the album; Gary played and recorded with, among others, Dolly Parton, Faith Hill, George Jones and Randy Travis

GC Studios Music studios located in Nashville, Tennessee, where most of the album was recorded

Gino Galea (Photographer) Responsible for Marty’s pictures on the album 

God sent Angel (song 6) this woman might be childless but surely not faithless 

Greg Cole (musician) Plays Drums on the album; Greg worked with artists such as Charlie Daniels, Dolly Parton and Ray Price

Gumbo Cajun stew mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Honk Tonk Type of country music based on simple music chords played in Honky Tonk bars; mentioned in The Rise and Fall of a Honky Tonk Hero  

Honky Tonk Roadhouse A country music bar common in southern U.S: mentioned in The Rise and Fall of a Honky Tonk Hero

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee; mentioned in Lora Mae  

Jeff Taylor (musician) Plays the accordion on the album; Jeff, performed and recorded, among other artists, with Vince Gill, George Strait, Elvis Costello, Martina McBride and as a soloist with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.   

Jig A lively folk dance; mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Jimmy Carter (musician) Plays bass on the album; Jimmy performed and recorded, among other artists, with Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kenny Rogers and Peter Gabriel.

Joe Spiteri (songwriter) Joey the Bush Kangaroo; Marty Rivers’ co-writer on the album;

Johnny A reference in Louisiana Girl to John Fogerty, singer, songwriter and guitarist with Creedence Clearwater Revival

Just in case (song 4) It hurts so bad when the one you love dumps you for your so called friend 

Lonnie Ratliff (songwriter/production) Co-writer and producer of The Rise & Fall of a Honky Tonk Hero; A Music Row songwriter and record producer who recorded artists such as Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney and Jack Greene.

Lora Mae (song 9) A country rock song about an out of control redneck woman who just moved into the neighborhood

Louisiana A state located in the southern region of the U.S; mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Louisiana Girl (song 5) Dance and party, Cajun style with this southern belle and the Zydeco

Louisiane French equivalent of Louisiana as mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Lullaby A soothing song sung to little children before they go to sleep; mentioned in God sent Angel

Lynyrd Skynyrd An American southern rock band; a favorite of Lora Mae

Mademoiselle The French equivalent of lady; mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Mama, you’re the Lady (song 10) A special tribute to all the wonderful mothers, both the living and the ones residing up above

Mandolin (instrument) A string instrument featured in The Power of Prayer

Marty Rivers (musician/songwriter) A shaved-headed cowboy

Matt McGee (musician) plays bass on the album; among the artists Matt performed and recorded with are Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Hank Williams Jr and Charlie Daniels.

Midnight Sky (album) The third album offering from Marty Rivers, released in September 2011

Midnight Sky (song 1) A silver bird up high is taken this man’s love away in this Cajun flavoured track

Mighty One A reference to God in The Power of Prayer

Mike Lusk (Harmony Voice) Featured on seven album tracks; Mike is Loretta Lynn’s regular harmony singer

Mistra Bay A bay situated in the northeast of Malta, where Temple Studios is located

Monsieur A French speaking man as mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Nashville The country music capital, also known as ‘Music City U.S.A’; home of GC Studios and Smokehouse Studios and of most of the personnel involved on the album

New Orleans The largest city in Louisiana, home of the Mardi Gras; mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Pedal Steel (instrument) A horizontal electric guitar that also uses pedals and knee levers to affect the pitch; featured on most tracks on the album

Perley Curtis (musician) Plays the Steel Guitar on track 7; performed with artists such as Trace Adkins, Loretta Lynn and Charlie Louvin;

Queen of my Heart (song 8) No other woman, in the eyes and heart of this man, are more beautiful than his own queen   

Rodger Morris (musician) Plays piano on track 7; Rodger performed and recorded with artist such as K.D. Lang, Kenny Chesney and George Jones

Run angel Run (song 3) A song that speaks directly to that young woman whose dreams are being shattered in the big city and a warning voice is telling her to pack her bags and travel on

Sarah Wife of Abraham, mother of Isaac; mentioned in God sent Angel

Smokehouse Studios Music studios located in Nashville, Tennessee where track 7 was recorded

Steve Holland (musician) Drummer featured on track 7

Swamp Blues A sub-genre of blues influenced by Cajun music; most successful proponents include Slim Harpo and Lightnin’ Slim; mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Temple studios Music studios located in Mistra bay, Malta, owned by David Vella

Tennessee A state in the South-eastern United States that played a critical role in the development of Country, Rock n’ Roll and Blues music; mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Texas The lonestar state, located in the South-central United States; mentioned in The Rise & Fall of a Honky Tonk Hero

The Power of Prayer (song 11) A bluegrass song of faith

The Rise and Fall of a Honky Tonk Hero (song 7) Life ain’t easy for a Honky Tonk star

Twist A dance inspired by rock n’ roll music; mentioned in Louisiana Girl

Two-step A country/western dance mentioned in Louisiana Girl usually danced to country music in 4/4 time

Vaughn Lofstead (musician/songwriter) Co-writer of The Rise and Fall of a Honky Tonk Hero; plays guitar on the same track

Zydeco A fast tempo Louisiana Creole music dominated by the accordion; mentioned in Louisiana Girl

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